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Romance fiction in most genres are my favourite reads. Having travelled a fair bit in my misspent years, I'm now a solo-mum to a VERY energetic and adventurous little one and I've turned my spare time into reliving some past travel adventures and expanding on them to write entertaining (hopefully) works of fiction. Maybe they'll be published, maybe not. Either way I'm enjoying where my imagination can take me.

Serafina and the Leprechaun's Shoe

Serafina and the Leprechaun's Shoe - Marie Treanor This is the first book I've read in the series and it grabbed me right from the beginning. I found I love Marie Treanor's writing style immensely. It's easy to read and conjured very descriptive images for me. I'm, personally, a lover of the Scottish Highlands and especially all ruggedly handsome kilt-clad men, and having this story set there was a great draw for me and then as the story unfolded it was like ambrosia to read the romance, the suspense and the intrigue of all the super natural elements running around.

While this book can be read as a stand-alone, there are some story lines that would make more sense to the reader if they'd read the first 2 books. I won't say here what they are but I'm too curious to let them slip by and have purchased the other 2 books already and will be reading them shortly.

This is predominantly the story of Jack and Roxy with a love triangle between Mike, the Grimm Reaper lead singer who wants Roxy back in his bed, and Jack who excites Roxy like no one ever has before surrounded by adventures with a zombie dog, ghosts, migrating leprechauns, banging walls, gothic rockers and a disagreeable mother who should be found.

I highly recommend this book and the series to all Paranormal Romance readers. It was both a little bit different and heart-warming at the same time.
[b:Serafina and the Leprechaun's Shoe|18658963|Serafina and the Leprechaun's Shoe (Serafina's, #3)|Marie Treanor|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1381413676s/18658963.jpg|26476435]