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Romance fiction in most genres are my favourite reads. Having travelled a fair bit in my misspent years, I'm now a solo-mum to a VERY energetic and adventurous little one and I've turned my spare time into reliving some past travel adventures and expanding on them to write entertaining (hopefully) works of fiction. Maybe they'll be published, maybe not. Either way I'm enjoying where my imagination can take me.

Cougar in Texas

Cougar in Texas - Calista Fox Being a one-time cougar myself I was drawn to this story. Although my story didn't end in a HEA and the cougar gap was greater than 5 years as in this story. It didn't really scream COUGAR to me for only 5 years, but I let that pass and got into the story.

Reese is lonely and heart sore and sick of everyone around her hooking up in HEA relationships, so when a chance for a bit of fun comes her way she takes it. What sane woman wouldn't?

I then had trouble getting into the story as Reese had Caleb and later his brother as paying guests in her guesthouse, but she never charged them. OK she was sleeping with Reese, but she was also trying to run a business and supposedly needed money. How can you pay for food for them if you don't have any income?

It's a nice story and has steamy sex scenes, but again I had trouble really getting into the story as Caleb was just sooooo nice. My personal preference is for my hero's to be a bit more rugged and real. I just couldn't believe a guy could be kind to horses by saving them in a purpose built rescue vet / ranch that he's fitting out with all his own money. Did I mention he's filthy rich too.

Calista does know how to set a good pace and provide the visual of her characters and personalities but maybe my life has been too jaded to not understand a true love story with a nice guy. I'm sorry this one just didn't do it for me. It was too predictable with the ex husband causing a bit of trouble, and then Caleb fixing up the ranch and not knowing what to do with the big house for most of the book. For a guy who has so thought out the ranch idea I find it hard to believe he'd not see that opportunity sooner in the story. But I won't spoil it for you, check out the read to see how that turns out.

Its a sexy, nice read if you don't want any surprises as you get all hot and steamy on your way to their HEA.
[bc:Cougar in Texas: 3|21184824|Cougar in Texas 3 (Rugged and Risque)|Calista Fox|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1394279368s/21184824.jpg|40525014]