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Romance fiction in most genres are my favourite reads. Having travelled a fair bit in my misspent years, I'm now a solo-mum to a VERY energetic and adventurous little one and I've turned my spare time into reliving some past travel adventures and expanding on them to write entertaining (hopefully) works of fiction. Maybe they'll be published, maybe not. Either way I'm enjoying where my imagination can take me.

Historical Accuracy in Romance novels - Love it, Hate it or Don’t care?
Historical Accuracy in Romance novels - Love it, Hate it or Don’t care?

I’m a huge fan of Historical Romance fiction with a particular penchant for the Scottish Highlander.  That’s just me and I’m not ashamed of it.  Gruff and manly and written with a scottish brogue are my absolute favourite hero's.

Putting the Hero’s looks aside, I mostly enjoy a novel if the historical accuracy is pretty much there.  Like framing a sentence a certain way, or the characters sensibilities should acknowledge events/actions be done a certain way for the period.  I don't mind if the date an event happened is 25 years later than when it actually happened, but I do like to read about how life was while I imagine the romance between the 2 main characters.

A few of my favourite authors who do this really well are Diana GabaldonSuzi Love and Tea Cooper.  Their respective websites and blogs are littered with interesting tidbits of their research or extracts from their books and where they found that bit of info from to give more insight into their stories.

My current novel, Undercover Highlander, started out as a contemporary romance and then quite quickly morphed into a part historical, part paranormal, part contemporary romance.  The present day is impacted very strongly by the past which started in the Scottish Highlands around the time of the celts and picts.  

I began to research the time period and ended up on a very exciting journey through the Scottish Highlands to a small remote Scottish Island, Orkney.

My story has earth magic, evil who want the magic Jade Trio (a ring, amulet and wand) and the clan that moves to Orkney in the hopes of keeping the Jade Trio hiding places secret until Seraphina can locate them again.  Seraphina is a strong witch destined to save the Jade Trio from the hands of evil, who would use them for well, evil.  She is transported to the present day when the fates have deemed the time is right for her to be reborn and find the Jade Trio from their hiding places.  With the help of her twin sister, Merida, the Jade Coven was formed to ensure the legacy and secret hiding places were handed down through the centuries until the time was right for Seraphina to find them again.  The guardianship of the Jade Witch is also a position within the coven that is handed down through the centuries to a warrior descended from the clan.  He must find her in each of her incarnations and protect her through her mission to find the Jade Trio.  Unfortunatley Blaxor, who tried to steal the Jade Trio originally, the seriously evil guy, also ensures his bloodline will continue through the centuries to search and find the Jade Witch and then the Jade Trio.  He knows only she can lead them to the Jade Trio and only she can bring their magic to life again.  Then they can be his ....




How about you?  Do you like to know that the style of dress is exact for the period, or just something that seems like it is.

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I'm starting my own Highland Clan. Want to join?
I'm starting my own Highland Clan. Want to join?

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I'm gearing up for the launch of Undercover Highlander (Book 1, The Jade Witch series), and I've immersed myself in the Scottish Highlands - literally.  I live in Edinburgh (well, OK, not exactly the Highlands but it's a quick drive away).


I'm living and breathing the locations I'm writing about and thought what better way to share my love of Scotland, than by starting my own Clan.  You can do that right!  Well I am, and if you want to join, be my guest.


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Happy writing to all the writers out there and Happy reading to all the romance readers out there 

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eBook Review: Lick by Kylie Scott
eBook Review: Lick by Kylie Scott

[Book 1 in The Stage Dive series]


This was my first Kylie Scott book and I’ve not really come across the Rocker romance before but I absolutely loved it.  


The point of view from the heroine, Evelyn, was real and current.  When she woke with the hangover from hell in her hotel room in Vegas with a strange man, you begin to think along the predictable “happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” scenario.  But NO, that is not what you read here.


Evelyn has a total blackout of the night before and her husband, Yep she decided getting married to David was a good idea at the time.  OK, so far it's the usual Vegas story.


David is the lead guitarist of a major rock band and this puts them both in the spotlight from day 1.  So with the story, comes a blackout from the 'bride', paparazzi at every turn for Evelyn and her friends and family and for David and the band.


Dealing with the band, and figuring out what she wants, Evelyn and David spend time together in his world and in hers to figure it all out.


They both have their scars from past relationships and work to overcome them because it was basically love at first sight for David.  If only Evelyn could remember.


What made this story different for me and not so predictable was the way it was written by Ms Scott in a current and real way.  I believed the characters and their motivation in all the situations.



If you are into a Contemporary Romance that has an HEA but with a lot of realistic bumps along the way, you should check out Lick, and then I’m sure like me, you’ll be buying the rest of the Stage Dive series.

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Mischief in Mudbug

Mischief in Mudbug - Jana Deleon I really wasn't sure what to expect with this book and was hugely surprised. The story was well written and interesting. The romance was subtle and initially the story started a bit slow and predictable for me - or so I thought. The twists and turns that followed quickly from one chapter to the next had me staying up late to get to the end and find out who was trying to kill who and why.

This is the 2nd book in the series and I'll be going back for no. 1 and then onto no. 3. I want to see how this all ties together. Well done Jana Deleon for a mystery that really kept me guessing.

A Cottage by the Sea

A Cottage by the Sea - Carole Matthews This was a great easy to read romance and I unexpectedly enjoyed it more than I thought. Carole Matthews has a really interesting writing style and the book just flowed with the hints of what was to come to keep me reading. The romance was a little predictable, with a few surprises along the way. This is a great holiday read.

Caged Wolf

Caged Wolf - S.M. Reine [b:Caged Wolf|21523444|Caged Wolf (The Tarot Witches, #1)|S.M. Reine|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1395342899s/21523444.jpg|40848215]

Wow! Was my first thoughts when starting to listen to Caged Wolf. This is my first book by SM Reine and I had no expectations beyond it is a paranormal romance with werewolves. It was dark and disturbing in parts, but very real. I was completely drawn into Ofelia’s life and could picture the surrounds and the rich characters.

SM Reine doesn’t spoon feed the reader at each step of the story, but leaves a lot untold, which I actually really appreciated. It made me hungry for more and to keep listening to find out more about Ofelia, how Trouble became a werewolf, and what had happened to Ofelia to have damaged her so much. It was a refreshing take on a story.

There is danger, suspense, tarot cards, magic and a mystery as to what Ofelia is if she’s not human.

I will be looking out for the next in the series: Forbidden Witches, The Tarot Witch, book 2 and suggest if you like Caged Wolf you will love more of SM Reine.

The narration was done by Pyper Down and was clear and easy to listen to with the changes in character more of a pitch than an accent. Having the story requiring me to concentrate to keep up it was easy listening to Pypers’ voice in her American accent an easy listen.


Unsurpassed - Charity Parkerson Wow, The opening scenes are VERY hot, so be prepared. I was really drawn into Aubree’s world quickly and wanted to learn more about these two men, Max and Ryan. Although once Drew hit the scene I could tell it was all over for them, and that Drew was winning her heart. He had to work at it, and I’m glad that he did. I appreciated that, while this is an erotic romance, Drew made the effort to seduce Aubree with dates and banter.

I felt Aubree’s hurt at being betrayed and how she was drawn to Drew who made her laugh. The tug at her heart at losing her two best friends would have stung deep and being a strong person, she managed to work through it. Although the drama they caused her in private had Drew fuming when he found out.

Charity’s writing style is easy and a pleasure to read. The characters start to jump off the page and take on a life of their own. However, I would have liked a little more of the interactions with Max and Ryan which where discussed but not written about. The story line for why Max and Ryan had betrayed Aubree’s trust could have been a lot more believable if it was fleshed out a little more. I wanted to understand the turmoil that they were going through a little more. It wasn’t until right at the end I found out a bit more about the two men and their own hidden desires and demons, but I’m still not sure why they are ex-marines and where this fits in.

If those questions had been answered this would have been a 5 star rating, but it’s still a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of mix of erotic and emotional scenes.

Unsurpassed would be perfect for those that love realistic and very hot sex with their romance — just as I do, mixed with an engaging storyline. I learnt a few things about MMA that I didn’t know before.[b:Unsurpassed|21802351|Unsurpassed (No Rival, #1)|Charity Parkerson|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1396234538s/21802351.jpg|41059355]

Hero Duty

Hero Duty - Jenny Schwartz received via NetGalley ARC

[bc:Hero Duty|21941069|Hero Duty|Jenny Schwartz|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1397711551s/21941069.jpg|41245608]Jessica Trove has the unenviable task of returning to Sydney for her father’s funeral. Her stepmother and stepbrother have made her life hell since her father remarried after the tragic death of her mother and she finally decides to fight back, with a little help. For years she has just let things be and stayed in the background leaving her father to his new family, but now the lawyers tell her the money, the house and the corporation built by her grandfather are all hers. They have been since her grandfather’s and mother’s death.

She never knew and now that she does it has changed everything. To help her stand up for herself she enlists the help of an ex-army sergeant she found through a mutual friend. Brodie Carlton has been fighting his own emotional battles and while he could certainly use the money Jessica offers, her really sees a woman in need and decides to return with her to meet her family and find out what the true story is.
This is my first Jenny Schwartz novel and I have to be honest and say I’ll be buying some more. This book grabbed my attention and kept it as the story wove through the family dramas of the very, very rich.

Brodie and Jessica, while you knew they’d hook up, travelled a path I was surprised at and the journey caught me by surprise a few times. The sub-plots and characters where intriguing and there were twists and turns I just didn’t spot coming.

I really enjoyed this story which had a sweet romance entwined with a woman finding the courage to be herself and not let bullies push her around emotionally. Brodie stepped in occasionally but he also wasn’t afraid to let Jessica stand her ground and see how far she could push her confidence and strength.

The writing style is very easy to read and flows so well that I thought I was a bystander in the scenes, I could picture them so well.

I really enjoyed the times Jessica and Brodie spent together and the little, normal, things they did and said that brought them gradually closer and closer together. He read her so well, and vice versa that I was a little put off by his sudden reasoning at a misunderstanding. Don’t want to give too much away and spoil it for you, but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the characters within.

I’d recommend this to all Romance lovers.

A Bride for the Sheikh

A Bride for the Sheikh - Katheryn Lane Review
The opinion expressed in this review is my own fair and honest review and is in no way influenced by receiving a copy of the ebook as part of a request to review from the author.

The first few chapters started with great detail and are easy to read, but then the writing began to feel rushed, and while a great plot idea, I didn’t feel it was executed thoroughly enough for me. It’s more of a novella than a novel length and if I was paying for this book I wouldn’t been keen on the $3.74 price for such a short story.

I was seduced by the blurb and the cover and had high hopes for a great read. I understood that it would be fast paced as Shiekh Rashid only had 2 weeks to find his prospective wife and present her to his father the Sultan. However, what I read was quite a rushed writing style with underdeveloped characters. I really didn’t get some of the reasons for their motivation.

Rashid and Angelina meet at the palace on her first night in the country. She makes the perfect comments about money and marriage and Rashid decides she is the one he will marry. Seriously? I’m all for a love-at-first sight meeting and hopping into bed with the one you are attracted to after only just meeting, but I didn’t believe that these two had a “connection”, or love-at-first-sight kind of thing going on. Yes, there were a few words to describe it, but I wasn’t sold as the sentiment didn’t seem to come into the story again and it’s not sexy or love, it’s “an old friend”.

“I’m Angelina, Angelina Smith. Pleased to meet you, Rashid.” She held out her hand.
Rashid took it in both of his and held it tightly. Angelina felt a strange bond with him. It was
as if she were being reunited with an old friend rather than being introduced to a stranger.

The abundance of dialogue worked and if it had been fully fleshed out with the ambience surrounding the characters as well as more detail of their inner thoughts I think I would have really been enthralled by this story. As it was I really didn’t get that Angelina was in lust with Rashid and vice-versa. I also didn’t realise Rashid had a beard until it was mentioned three quarters through the book. I’d pictured him quite differently until then and then I struggled to align the two images as I kept reading.

Throughout the story there are moments of conflict with Chrystal that Angelina gets past pretty quick and her father also doesn’t appear too upset that the sheikh gave his daughter a mercedes and a bucket load of gold jewelry after a few dates. Most father’s would have gotten out the shot gun and forbade their daughter to accept the gifts, but Angelina’s father just goes with the flow.

I did really like the way Rashid’s mother discussed how relative money is with Angelina. That was well written and fit the story. I think the Sultana would be an interesting character to read more of.

Katheryn Lane does write with some detail that shows she must have lived in the middle east and I found those descriptions interesting and fit the plot. I would have like more description about the surroundings and the main characters inner struggles and feelings to really get me into this story.

If you are looking for a quick read to pass some time then this is the perfect story for you.

Embracing Scandal (Scandalous Siblings)

Embracing Scandal (Scandalous Siblings) - Suzi Love [b:Embracing Scandal|20563243|Embracing Scandal (Scandalous Siblings)|Suzi Love|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1389930793s/20563243.jpg|23751314]

Review Synopsis

Rebecca has formed a society to help women of all levels of society to improve their fortunes. It was within this society that one of Becca's friends was murdered and she (and her family) may be the next target. The men of the Tonn are not impressed that the Jamison family have managed to grow their fortune with shrewd and scarily accurate forecasts on the stock exchange.

The family is both sought after for the 3 beautiful girls just as much as they are for their connection to the brother they all think is making the clever investments.

It's not until Becca's friend is murdered that she risks seeking out Cayle for help. Even though he broke her heart a few years earlier, as an old family friend he and his brothers are still more trustworthy than any of their other acquaintences.

Cayle is fresh back from the continent after being exiled by his father, the Duke of Sherwyn for a scandal involving Becca's evil cousin and his own stepmother. To save further embarrassment to his family, Becca and himself he went abroad. Now that his father has passed away he is back as the Duke and head of the family.

Cayle insists that he and Becca can be nothing more than friends until he has sorted out the issue that is his stepmother, even though their sexual attraction to each other is electric.
Suzi Love writes with passion and great detail from the period and this translates into her writing enabling the reader to fully imagine the characters, where they are and what they are wearing. She has really done her research.

The introduction of the stepmother confused me a little as there was no actual appearance of her in the story initially and then there was no reason given as to what hold she had over Cayle and his brothers, just that there was one. I really wasn't sure if I'd misread something or not. I would have liked to have known a bit more about the stepmother relationship and why it was keeping Cayle from choosing a bride, as we are told.

However, this aside, the logical thinking and intelligence of Becca and her sisters was comical in how it confused the men close to them. The girls mixed with all levels of society, whether there brothers and Aunt wanted them to or not, and learned a great deal from the people they met. In doing so they began to see marriage and the marriage bed relations as something to be explored and experimented with so as to know what they would be getting into when they married.

Interesting concept for an era that would not have discussed such matters, but I can go with that because not everyone is stereotypical of the era they live in. So I have no problem with women who can think for themselves in the regency period.

Cayle hated the idea of Becca "experimenting" with anyone but him and was constantly doing all he could to keep all other contenders out of her way. It became a full time job for him and I wonder when he was able to get any spying done. A skill he learned will abroad while working for the King.

The experiments that Becca did conduct with Cayle were very hot and steamy and gave me a slight blush from time to time.

Throughout the story and the engagements they attended I could imagine the scenes and the conversations and thoroughly visiting this world of Suzi Love's. I'll be following up this review with the next book in the series Scenting Scandal shortly, so look out for that.

Embracing Scandal is an intriguing, mysterious, funny and hot read that I recommend to lovers of Regency and Historical romances.

To Wed in Scandal (A Scandal in London Novel)

To Wed in Scandal (A Scandal in London Novel) - Liana LeFey [bc:To Wed in Scandal|16097601|To Wed in Scandal (Scandal in London, #2)|Liana LeFey|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1363130569s/16097601.jpg|21906250]

audiobook review:

Lady Sabrina is the youngest sister about to be launched into her first London season and she is determined not to let her heart rule her choice of husband. Her mother did that and was dreadfully unhappy when her father took on mistresses and left her mothers bed. That was not the marriage she has decided upon and it would be a sensible choice with a man she could tolerate and not one that would consume her heart.

That was until Henry, Viscount Montgomery, kissed her. As a child he had courted one of her sisters and she hadn't like him much then and played continual pranks on him to get him to leave. What she wasn't aware of was that he was only visiting their house out of politeness and that neither he or her sister wanted to wed. It was being arranged for them and luckily they were able to not go through with it.

Now, as Lady Sabrina is of an age to enter society and her first season she has her sights on the very sensible Lord Francis Fairford. He doesn't stir her emotions like Henry and would be a suitable husband - or so she thought until it is found out what his feelings towards women really are.

Sabrina is determined not to let her heart be hurt like she knew her mothers had been and constantly tries to distance herself from Henry so as not to get caught up in a marriage with him. Even though he stirs her like no other man.

Being rational seems her only option and she is constantly talking herself into the option of Fairford, or any other suitor, as a more desirable husband.

Sabrina creates quite a scandal in the tonn as she gets caught in more than one scandalous moment after another (and not all with Henry)...

Henry is very determined to capture Sabrina's heart and marry her, but she is determined to keep him away. However, he is a strong willed hero and manages to get around her defences numerous times to try to prove his point they are meant to be together.

The voice of Justine Eyre is powerful and quickly envelops you into the London scene and keeping you there. I was instantly transported to the era and it helped me to imagine the surroundings as described by Liana LeFey just by the accent of Justine's voice of the London aristrocracy.

Liana has written a great regency romance with Lady Sabrina as a strong willed woman who thinks she knows what she wants, but until her body is awakened by Henry's kisses and she slowly realises want she wants and what she needs are two very different things.

I really enjoyed the twists of the story and the sub plots that wove around the main story line. For example, the french prostitute which Henry and his friend rescued from Fairfords' home.

Especially how Sabrina took on the scandal and stood her ground to answer it directly or quash it with her actions. Facing scandal in any time period is tough enough let alone in genteel society.

This is a wonderful listen and I thoroughly recommend it with 4 out of 5 Flames to all lovers of a regency romance.

Cougar in Texas

Cougar in Texas - Calista Fox Being a one-time cougar myself I was drawn to this story. Although my story didn't end in a HEA and the cougar gap was greater than 5 years as in this story. It didn't really scream COUGAR to me for only 5 years, but I let that pass and got into the story.

Reese is lonely and heart sore and sick of everyone around her hooking up in HEA relationships, so when a chance for a bit of fun comes her way she takes it. What sane woman wouldn't?

I then had trouble getting into the story as Reese had Caleb and later his brother as paying guests in her guesthouse, but she never charged them. OK she was sleeping with Reese, but she was also trying to run a business and supposedly needed money. How can you pay for food for them if you don't have any income?

It's a nice story and has steamy sex scenes, but again I had trouble really getting into the story as Caleb was just sooooo nice. My personal preference is for my hero's to be a bit more rugged and real. I just couldn't believe a guy could be kind to horses by saving them in a purpose built rescue vet / ranch that he's fitting out with all his own money. Did I mention he's filthy rich too.

Calista does know how to set a good pace and provide the visual of her characters and personalities but maybe my life has been too jaded to not understand a true love story with a nice guy. I'm sorry this one just didn't do it for me. It was too predictable with the ex husband causing a bit of trouble, and then Caleb fixing up the ranch and not knowing what to do with the big house for most of the book. For a guy who has so thought out the ranch idea I find it hard to believe he'd not see that opportunity sooner in the story. But I won't spoil it for you, check out the read to see how that turns out.

Its a sexy, nice read if you don't want any surprises as you get all hot and steamy on your way to their HEA.
[bc:Cougar in Texas: 3|21184824|Cougar in Texas 3 (Rugged and Risque)|Calista Fox|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1394279368s/21184824.jpg|40525014]

Along Came Trouble

Along Came Trouble - Erin Kern The cover and the blurb led me to believe this would be a western contemporary story, but the actual storyline is far different from expectations. Even the writing style is quite different to the blurb, leading me to believe the writer did not write the back cover blurb.

While I enjoyed the idea of the story, I felt the author left a few bits out and added some info that just didn't need to be there. It wasn't needed to progress the story, and appeared to me to just pad out the story to get a greater word count.

The individual character development worked for me some of the time and frustrated me at other times. I couldn't quite understand Elisa's motivation for swearing off men. Almost a decade prior, a college boyfriend hurt her when he announced he was gay and she's still sworn off men. Ok, I can understand part of that, but why be hurt for almost 10 years. It alludes to her not having dated since and mentions she went to a Christian college, but then with a complete change of character she thinks about having "wicked sex" with Brody. The images the words were creating for me initially just didn't gel. Christian collage, spurns men then to wicked sex in a heartbeat...

Similarly for Brody, I could understand he was hurt by a divorce, but then couldn't understand the reasoning for why he'd be attracted to Elisa but keep pushing her away. In reality, yes the scenario works for me, but the way the character was written just didn't have me believing him all of the time.

The writing style seemed to change from chapter to chapter and at times I was bored with the sentence structure used and other times intrigued. It was like the author had been brainstorming ideas and keeping the writing simple, but then forgot to go back and re-edit some of it.

I persevered because I really liked the plot and wanted to have a great read.

I wasn't aware this was the third book in the series as it didn't say that in the opening pages. There was mention of another 2 books with similar names, but didn't state they were book 1 and book 2. So when I started the book I thought it was a stand-alone and it can certainly be read as such.

It's an interesting story, with some interestingly written parts, but there are also some you would skim over.
[b:Along Came Trouble|17860851|Along Came Trouble (Trouble, #3)|Erin Kern|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1369819592s/17860851.jpg|21871729]

Serafina and the Leprechaun's Shoe

Serafina and the Leprechaun's Shoe - Marie Treanor This is the first book I've read in the series and it grabbed me right from the beginning. I found I love Marie Treanor's writing style immensely. It's easy to read and conjured very descriptive images for me. I'm, personally, a lover of the Scottish Highlands and especially all ruggedly handsome kilt-clad men, and having this story set there was a great draw for me and then as the story unfolded it was like ambrosia to read the romance, the suspense and the intrigue of all the super natural elements running around.

While this book can be read as a stand-alone, there are some story lines that would make more sense to the reader if they'd read the first 2 books. I won't say here what they are but I'm too curious to let them slip by and have purchased the other 2 books already and will be reading them shortly.

This is predominantly the story of Jack and Roxy with a love triangle between Mike, the Grimm Reaper lead singer who wants Roxy back in his bed, and Jack who excites Roxy like no one ever has before surrounded by adventures with a zombie dog, ghosts, migrating leprechauns, banging walls, gothic rockers and a disagreeable mother who should be found.

I highly recommend this book and the series to all Paranormal Romance readers. It was both a little bit different and heart-warming at the same time.
[b:Serafina and the Leprechaun's Shoe|18658963|Serafina and the Leprechaun's Shoe (Serafina's, #3)|Marie Treanor|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1381413676s/18658963.jpg|26476435]

Honeymoon for One

Honeymoon for One - Beth Orsoff Honeymoon for One by Beth Orsoff and narrated by Emily Beresford
audiobook review


Freelance journalist Lizzie Mancini was looking forward to her honeymoon at the Blue Bay Beach Resort, but sadly her fiancé broke off their wedding plans the day before. Angry and confused she decides to go on her holiday anyway and along the way meets Michael Garcia, a handsome antique dealer (or so he says). On the plane they decide to pretend to be a married couple (no strings or sex attached) for the sake of appearances as they both have a need to appear to be in a couple.

Unfortunately after a few days of role playing Michael is found murdered and Lizzie, his Mrs, is their first and only suspect. She scrambles to clear her name and battles international intrigue and unexpected romance as she looks for the truth.

[bc:Honeymoon for One|15035905|Honeymoon for One|Beth Orsoff|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1356060059s/15035905.jpg|13488493]


I instantly loved the voice and annotation of the narrator, Emily Beresford, as she drew me into the story. Beth Orsoff has written an intriguing and exciting novel. I usually like my stories a lot spicier and this is not that type of story, but I found I couldn't stop listening. I just had to find out what would happen next.

Initially I thought it would be a very predictable plot, and some parts were, but I soon found that the twists and turns and unexpected events kept me wondering what Lizzie's next step would be. For instance, in todays' travel world you don't let a stranger carry your bag for you, no matter how handsome. You don't give that same stranger a key to your room while pretending to be married (he was staying at another hotel because of the no strings, no sex rule).

However, Lizzie gave him all this access and then wondered why she ended up as a murder suspect. However, even though I wouldn't be that trusting in real life, this isn't real life. It's a story and a very entertaining one too.

The conversations flowed easily and I really enjoyed this book. It was easy to listen to, entertaining and intriguing.


5 Flames

Melting Ms Frost

Melting Ms Frost - Kat Black Synopsis
Annabel Frost manages Cluny's Restaurant in London and has a reputation of being a tough and exacting boss. Actually the employees just think of her as a cold, unfeeling bitch.

Aidan Flynn is the new head barman and is drawn to Annabel the moment he lays eyes on her. She tears strips off him at a team meeting, because he dared to talk back to her, and is instantly enthralled by her.

Annabel appears impervious to Aidan's charms, but his compelling gaze and Irish lilt may just captivate her yet.

This book was a bit of a surprise to me. I knew from the blurb it was a story for fans of erotic romance, however, it took a long, long time to get to the sexy bits. However, along the way there is a lot of lustful, sexual tension that kept me reading.

Plus the writing style of Kat Black was surprisingly unusual. The well written story had very interesting descriptions and I really enjoyed being surprised by being able to predict the next scene.

Aidan has a dominating persona (both in and out of the bedroom) and he challenges Annabel at every turn to submit to him. I really didn't like him in the beginning with the way he was so charming and sure he could get Annabel into bed. But as you learn more about him and Annabel I changed my mind and began to like him.

Annabel is tough because she has needed to be. Her life hasn't been easy as she's only had herself to depend since her father died. Letting Aidan into her life was certainly a struggle for her and even in the end I'm not sure she really did.

I think you'll enjoy the read because it's not your standard boy meets girl, boy has erotic sex with girl kind of story. However, I did find that some chapters had a lot of very detailed padding that really didn't need to be there and others that were a bit light on, where the motivation for an action was quick and not really worked into the story really well. In saying that, tho' I really enjoyed the way this book was written and the sexual tension kept me going.

I have become a fan of Kat Black's style and hopefully you will too.
4 Flames

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